Don’t know Pawsa? You need to know!

So, I am actually super lucky that when I was growing up my dad instilled various genres of music into me and it all came from his background of running acid house events in Lewisham, South East London when he was 18. That’s another story for another time but, the reason I bring it up is that I am grateful I was introduced to house.

I had a bit of a time where I completely went off it, or was under the impression you had to be off your tits on drugs to enjoy it, but then you listen to DJ’s such as Pawsa and the crew that had sets last night at EGG London (I have tagged the event in the link cause you need to go to the next one!)

Having a residency in Sankeys Ibiza back in 2015, I reckon Pawsa should be given it back if there aren’t talks of already doing so, it was totally atmospheric last night and such a good vibe, he is fantastic.

Anyway, thought I would let y’all know as I woke up this morning and was thinking about how fab this guy was.