Prodigy – The Legend Lives On

Not a long post as anyone who knows about rap music will know exactly how much of an integral part Prodigy & Mobb Deep played in the early days and development of rap music, truly a legend will always live on, and his music is an advocate of that.

Mobb Deep were the second group to go platinum directly after Wu Tang Clan.

RIP Prodigy.

Don’t know Pawsa? You need to know!

So, I am actually super lucky that when I was growing up my dad instilled various genres of music into me and it all came from his background of running acid house events in Lewisham, South East London when he was 18. That’s another story for another time but, the reason I bring it up is that I am grateful I was introduced to house.

I had a bit of a time where I completely went off it, or was under the impression you had to be off your tits on drugs to enjoy it, but then you listen to DJ’s such as Pawsa and the crew that had sets last night at EGG London (I have tagged the event in the link cause you need to go to the next one!)

Having a residency in Sankeys Ibiza back in 2015, I reckon Pawsa should be given it back if there aren’t talks of already doing so, it was totally atmospheric last night and such a good vibe, he is fantastic.

Anyway, thought I would let y’all know as I woke up this morning and was thinking about how fab this guy was.

Makaveli Rises Again!

Well….. if you haven’t read about how all the celebs feel about the new “Tupac – All Eyez On Me” film including Fiddy and Jada Pinkett Smith, then you are clearly not on planet earth! A few years ago, it came out that there was going to be some kind of movie released about Pac and his life. I knew I wouldn’t have a chance of getting to speak with Afeni (Tupac’s mother who was still alive at the time) so, me being one of Tupac’s biggest fans and knowing exactly who was a part of his career, I decided to find out exactly what the closest people to him felt about a movie being released.

It has always been a mixed bag of feelings when speaking to various people on weather a film would really actually portray who Tupac really was and what he stood for. So I took to an email and spoke with Leila Steinberg who was Pac’s manager and really had an integral part of him rising to the amount of stardom he managed to achieve.

Leila actually was very open about the movie and she felt extremely passionate that it was “done right” she said that when thinking about pac and who he was as a person, she “can’t fathom any other human being able to portray who he really was.” “He was a special person and I fell in love with who he was.” She had admitted in an interview with XXL magazine in 2011, that her relationship with Tupac had chemistry and it did have an affect on her marriage. Leila seemed open to the idea of releasing a film about Tupac and was looking forward to seeing it.

I also spoke with Gobhi Rahimi, who had been working on his own project to release a film “7DayzTheMovie” specifically 7 days before Tupac died. Gobi was Tupac’s and the rest of his Outlawz crew videographer. He was the only person to be granted permission from Pac to film him. Again, Gobi claims to have been and we see video footage of how close he really was to Tupac, especially in his last few days.

Gobi had worked on videos including “How Do You Want It” and “2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted”. He was there on the night Pac was shot, and he explained to me how important it was for him to release a film and I think the reason he felt so passionate about it is because in other interviews he has explained how something was “just off” that night that Pac died.

Gobi obviously, didn’t go into detail with me about what had happened, but it did seem as though he felt he should be the only person creating a film to show what had happened and in other interviews he has publicly come out and said how Pac had struggled to “get his money” from Suge Knight and how he had also been told that people were going to come into the hospital and “finish him off” whilst he was still in a coma.

Lastly, I spoke to Demitrius Shipp JR who to say the last seemed to be a ladies man just like Tupac. He seemed to exude the attitude that Pac once had (obviously from me being obsessed and watching every video available of Tupac) and that still lives on today.  Demitrius was of course honoured to be playing such an influential figure in not only rap music, but in trying to create equal rights for black people and making their lives better. He said “It’s amazing man, I really gotta put my all into this and the pressure is 110% there.”

What are your thoughts on the movie if you have seen it? I haven’t seen it yet what with me being in the UK, but from getting in touch with all of these guys it seemed to be they were all passionate about getting it right. Let me know what you think about the movie in the comments or holla at me via email!

P.S. you might be wondering why I am so obsessed with Tupac and that story is for another day, but I do have a portrait tat of PAC on the inside of my left arm and so, I have uploaded it for you all to see!



Musicians will always reign supreme!

Musicians will always reign supreme!

I read this article and absolutely loved it and it was something I was thinking about last night. As I was on Instagram, swooning over the Alexander Wang Pre-Fall collection, I noticed how many followers the brand had. 3.4 Million. I genuinely in that moment realised how Lindsay Lohan, who has 6.1 Million followers and has a video of her cooking on a boat in Wang – is totally and completely selling the brand name worldwide. Even with such a timeless and classic designer, the advertising and promotions still exist more than ever. They be wanting to get young aspiring actresses are dreaming of the day they can wear Alexander Wang whilst cooking on a boat in Cannes – and doing it well!